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Pointer Magnum
1.09-1.12 > 2.54

Before updating,
please note following issues

  • The update can take several hours. Do not make it when you are in hurry to take the software in to use. Be sure that you have enough battery in the phone or you have the charger for your phone.
  • You make the update at your own risk. All data is tried to keep, but PointerSolutions Oy is not responsible any data loss during update, including loaded map tiles, stored targets etc...
  • The maps are converted during update to new format. This format is more robust against errors in phone or memory card than previous format. In case there are problems in the memory card, in phone or if the data is corrupted the conversion might not go correctly. In that case you will lose the data permanently.
  • There is no possibiltiy to come back to previous version.

Updating instructions

If you have the version 1.09-1.12 Magnum installed, update in the following way: If not, open instructions from here and start the software once before continuing.

  • Make a backup copy of your Pointer folder (to the memory card or to PC). Make sure you have your registration code at hand. In case you do not take the backup and something goes wrongly, there is warn that all loaded maps and stored targets are lost.
    • You can take the backup to your computer with PC-Suite program, by copying Magnum -folder from the memory card to computer or
    • you can copy the Pointer -folder with new name to your memory card with phone's file browser. Use name e.g. PointerOld
  • In addition, make sure that you have written down (in case you need them) following information:
    • Registration code of your software
    • Pointer Live -share names and passwords for your dogs and your own phone
  • Remove Magnum installation from the phone (leave the Pointer -folder). Removing is done by pressing C-button on top of the starting icon of Pointer Magnum.
  • Continue from Step 5, in case you are not updating the software in to Nokia 6110 or older phones. If you are updating the software to Nokia 6110 or older phone, please uninstall first the Pointer Magnum by Clicking C-button when the Pointer Magnum icon is selected and by answering Yes for questions about uninstallation.
  • Read these instructions and after that browse your mobile to the download link and download the software. Please note that in the download page there are own download links for Nokia/Samsung and SonyEricsson phones.
  • After you have downloaded the installation package, it is installed. When the software is asking the destination for the installation, please select Memory Card
  • Close internet browser after you have installed the software
  • With Nokia or Samsung S60 3rd phone, DO NOT START THE APPLICATION before you have successfully completed the chapter: Permission settings for Nokia, Samsung and other S60 3rd phones. With Sony Ericsson phone you can just start the software and when phone is asking permissions, answer Yes or Yes - Never ask

Permission settings

Nokia, Samsung
and other S60 3rd phones

  • Open the Application Manager or Manager function. The location of the application manager varies with the phone model. You can see the location of the application manager from your phone manual. For instance, on the 6110 Navigator and Nokia 6210 Navigator the option is in: Menu > Settings > Data manager > App. manager. In Nokia E71 the application manager can be found from: Menu > Installations > App. mgr.
  • Open the Pointer Magnum application from the list, and adjust the settings as described below:



    Access Point

    Select your operator's internet access point

    Network Access

    Always allowed


    Always allowed or if not available, select Ask every time

    App. Auto-Start

    Ask first time


    Always allowed

    Read User Data

    Always allowed

    Edit User Data

    Always allowed


    Always allowed (mobiles with integrated GPS)



  • After those settings, you can start to use your Pointer Magnum. After you read previous instructions, open http://www.pointer.fi/download/magnum/ -link with the internet browser of your mobile phone and select correct installation for your phone.

Starting after installation

  • Start Pointer Magnum -> Converting the map tiles will take some time
  • A message about unregistration appears. Press OK -> the application is closed.
  • Start Pointer Magnum again and insert your registration code. After this the application should work normally.